[Social Media Management/Advertising/SEO]


Our company cooperates with foreign markets for 70% of its business. We know both the American and European markets, so when X10D approached us, we were definitely interested in cooperation and immediately started working.

01. The Challenge

A Swiss company that produces unique orthopedic sneakers. The shoe directs the foot directly and precisely to the natural gait pattern. On each X10D, an S-shaped line along the ground contact surface visually marks the optimal movement pattern. The shoe is specifically created for the urban environment, bringing healthy walking into our modern world. The client needed SEO promotion, launch of Google ads, and social media management

02. The Solution

Our main responsibilities were:

  • creation of a promotion strategy and content plan
  • daily stories
  • design of posts (include advertising)
  • setting up Facebook and Google ads
  • SEO promotion for website optimization and sales

03. The Result

After fruitful work (which included the creation of advertising accounts, access, and strategy), in 2 months we received
- tripled sales
- systematic posting and filling the page with new content
- interaction with the audience
- improvement of Google search results
- increased traffic to the website and pages in social networks

Banners for Facebook ADS