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Psychologist personal brand

Personal brand development is one of the trends of 2023. And we are confident that it will remain relevant not only this year, but for a long time to come. As you know, personal brand can create the right connection with the audience and, as a result, increase sales of services and goods. That's why we are often asked to help to promote a personal brands, and we are happy to do it.

01. The Challenge

Recently, Yulia, a psychologist who has been helping people improve their mental health, asked us to help her create her own website and actively develop her brand on social media. She wanted to work with more clients, become recognizable in Lviv, and help people understand their condition, get rid of depression, and establish communication with their families. Yuliya also actively works with the military and their families, as they need psychological help now more than ever

02. The Solution

So, having assessed the whole situation, we got to work. We started actively

  • analysis of similar pages
  • analysis of the market (especially in Lviv)
  • organization of a photo and video shooting
  • development of a strategy
  • filling the page with new content
  • started active work with the site (having previously analyzed similar topics)
  • development of a logo and individual style
  • new visual style for social networks
  • launch Facebook Ads
03. The Result

We started our work very actively and efficiently, so the positive result was not long in coming:

  • new photos and videos that increased the engagement of a new audience
  • updated social media page (new photos, style, colors, properly selected presentation of information and changed profile header with keywords)
  • about 100 new people joined Facebook page in the first week (we would like to note that the page was created from scratch)
  • active work on the website, which is in the final stage of layout
  • noticeable positive feedback from the audience on the updated brand

And we are not resting on our laurels. After all, the work with the brand continues and you can follow the growth and updates yourself

Photo shooting