[Influencer Marketing/Social Media Management/Advertising]

Gate. ltd

01. The Challenge

We were approached with the need to find partners in the Ukrainian market. The company is engaged in the transportation of cars from Europe to different parts of the world (tax free), and now they have decided to enter the Ukrainian market. We found the request interesting, so we were ready to get to work.

02. The Solution

Having identified all the pros and cons of social networks, agreed on all the nuances with the client and based on the business topic, we decided to start with the creation of a Telegram channel, as they are very popular now. Therefore, our main responsibilities are:
- creating a promotion strategy
- writing a content plan for a month
- writing texts for the Telegram channel
- design of the visual part
- collaboration with bloggers and other channels for advertising

03. The Result

After filling the channel with content and using advertising integrations, we got the following results:
- brand awareness in Ukraine
- filling the channel with quality content
- increase in the number of active and target audience
- interest in cooperation from potential customers