[Social Media Design]


01. The Challenge

Official representatives of a world-famous company wrote to us and told us that they wanted to officially enter the Ukrainian market. But since they don't speak Ukrainian, they needed Ukrainian-speaking representatives in Ukraine to create some stuff. Since the project was interesting to us, we started working on it

02. The Solution

Since the company hasn`t have official Ukrainian-language pages yet, we created everything from scratch. Our main tasks were:

  • analysis of similar pages
  • analysis of related brands
  • organization of a photo shoot (studio, products, search for models)
  • development of a strategy
  • searching for bloggers to collaborate with (we also followed the rules described by the company. That is, all models and bloggers were over 21 years old)
  • filling the page with new content
03. The Result

We worked productively on all the tasks we set out to accomplish, and this is what we got:
- a completely updated profile
- original content (with products and models)
- a personally selected list of bloggers and influencers for further work
- clear and fast fulfillment of all set KPIs

Photos of products

Live photos