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Launching advertising on Instagram - Real Estate Agency

So, when we got to work, the first thing we did was to analyse in detail the competitors in this niche, particularly in Lviv. As it turned out, there are a lot of them, both agencies and personal brands of realtors.But what we noticed in these accounts was that they had no sense of their own style, their profiles were not memorable, and almost all of them had dry posting of apartments (static posts).This led us to believe that we had a good chance of being ahead, although it would not be easy.

After analysing our competitors, we set about creating a strategy. The main things we paid attention to were the following:

- Creating your own style (visually appealing)
- Corporate colours (in our case, we stuck to classic and laconic shades)
- Create relevant stories (and add information on prices, reviews, about the company, etc.)
- Set up technical aspects and add locations

After 4-5 months of active work, we decided that it was time to engage bloggers and influencers in cooperation. So we started searching for local, relevant bloggers, and after agreeing on all the nuances, we got 20 new clients and more than 700 new subscribers for less than $150

Our main goals were:

- increase brand awareness in social media´
- increase local awareness
- show that you have no risks with renting and increase trust and loyalty among the audience
- Increase the number of active audience
- increase sales´
- increase user engagement with content on Instagram

After that, we got down to business in a practical way

We started to change the profile, fill it with new content, started to make stories in our own unified style, added video content (a lot of video content) and, after filling it, launched advertising on Instagram.
And although many people say that Instagram advertising does not work, we want to argue that it is the way we started to find our target audience, which turned out to be very high quality. After weeks of work, the results were as follows:

We were pleased to see that our plan and strategy were working, so we kept going. We published a lot of video content, actively communicated with the audience, and at the same time spent no more than $150 per month on advertising.

Everyone was satisfied with the work and we are actively continuing to work. Now the client has 10 employees from 3, and the number of clients per day has tripled (if not more).

And now the client's profile looks like this: