August 8, 2023

Top 20 platforms for marketing specialists from Moody Agency

We all know that marketers need to stay on top of their game and make their work as efficient as possible. That's why today we want to present a list of 20 platforms that help Moody Agency work with their clients.
1. Zapier

Automate work with more than 5,000 applications so you can move forward faster and be as productive as possible


This site allows you to set up automatic publication of various items from RSS feeds, e-commerce sites, and to distribute them on social networks

3. App Sumo

If you do not want to overpay for various programs and find the most effective ones for yourself, this site will help you with this

4. Brand 24

Review of online reputations, media monitoring and competitor tracking.

5. Clearbit

You can see who visits your website and analyse quality leads

6. Smart Sender

Cool bot for increasing sales and customer loyalty with the help of chatbots and messengers

7. Bitly

If you want to add a link somewhere and it is too long, you can shorten it as much as possible here

8. Rebrandly

Link management platform for branding, tracking and sharing short URLs using your own domain name

9. Bio Sites

All your links in one place

10. Linktree

Here you can add multiple links, make them look nice and they will all be in one place with just one link. It's great for Instagram if you have multiple platforms you want to share and only one link can be added there

11. Pxl. to

It can also be used to create and brand short links as well as QR codes for any URL

12. Loom

This platform allows you to conveniently record your PC screen. The free version only allows you to record up to 5 minutes

13. Last pass

A platform for storing all your passwords in one secure place

14. Social Status

Is a social media analytics and reporting tool that provides multi-channel dashboards and helps automate your social media reporting.

15. Keyhole

Automates social media reports

16. Buzz Sumo

Helps you find the most shared content on social media - you can log in to your own or someone else's domain and see what has been shared on social media.

17. Word Tune

For English-language texts. If you are not sure whether you have spelt a sentence correctly, this site will help you to paraphrase it correctly. The free version allows up to 10 sentences per day

18. Mailer lite

With this site, you can easily create various company emails and automate processes related to email marketing

19. Hot Jar

By installing it, you can see how users interact with your website, where they stop and why they leave without making the desired purchase. That is, you will be able to better analyze what is wrong to improve business efficiency

20. Looq me

Collects, structures and visualises mentions of the brand and competitors in the media and social networks